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05 April 2011 @ 03:54 pm
$2 love you long time  
Well well well, we finally have something I can be bothered writing about.

Things have been pretty quiet here, reason being there just hasn't been anything fun going on. Sure there has been the odd article about Koki helping victims out, and Pi, Frenchy, and Ryo escaping Tokyo for wild threesomes before the world ends, and of course there are always, always articles about Kimutaku. >.>

Anyway, we can all thank Tegoshi Yuya (that little creeper) for this one, or rather the woman from a Fukuoka Cabaret Club who made a post about him and his apparent 'wild merrymaking'. I picture hobbits dancin' on a table. It's the perm-hair. And the use of the word 'merrymaking'.

Mmm hmm. The resemblence is scary, isn't it, just put some beer jugs on their heads.

In her blog, the Caba-girl wrote: "On this weekday / and idol came to the club / today is my day off, but I went in anyway / I'm so happy~"

"The idol was / NEWS's Tegoshi Yuya / I was directed over to sit beside him / on top of that afterwards I was allowed to come along while he sang some songs / It was such a great time!"

Then she started saying "There's a lot more I want to write about but / it's kind of a privacy issue so / I'm sorry to say I wont be able to. Aaah~ And it was such a fun night-pupu." Idk wtf 'pupu' means, maybe some way of trying to sound cute in Fukuoka?

The article then does it's thing and makes totally wild yet possibly spot-on accusations. "Did they have a steamy one night stand together?" *wiggles eyebrows* Maybe.

Didn't he check her phone for evidence before leaving? Didn't try to ban her from the internet or some crazy shit? That's so unlike him. *smirk*.

Then a fan wrote on twitter about seeing him with 4 peeps at the Caba-Club drinking red wine (still got a long way to go before you'll ever be considered classy) until 2am, and has he got more piercings? She couldn't get a photo and his hair was kind of short. She toooooooootally didn't even care though.

Maybe tales of his weirdness from last time have travelled far and wide and now he has to pay company to sit with him because no one else wants to deal with his retardedness. Obviously didn't pay her quite enough to keep her mouth shut completely. Add 'cheapskate' to the list of things I associate with Tegoshi.

I read it here. Do not repost.