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19 October 2020 @ 08:35 pm
Thanks for dropping in to my journal.

Here you will find translations of interviews, rumors, and gossip stories about whoever from Johnny's Entertainment happens to interest me (most often Nishikido Ryo, Ohno Satoshi, Akanishi Jin, Yamapi).

This is a warning that things in this journal may ruffle feathers. Take comfort in the fact that it's not just your favorite Johnny, any JE drunken escapades and tales of debauchery amuse me no end and will likely end up here being ridiculed.

If you don't like ridiculous gossip, then feel free to boycott those entries and stick to the interviews where we can all remain friends :)

Please do not repost my entries elsewhere unless you have asked.

I hope you have fun reading the contents of this journal, and once again thanks for coming!

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22 March 2013 @ 02:59 pm

My god! *flails at cobwebs* look at this journal, just look at it! *starts whacking dust out of all the posts*. What a bloody mess. Layout falling down all over the place, dust bunnies, nasty bot-shits all through the comments... tsk tsk. Well I'm here to clean up a bit, maybe look into getting a paid account again (I just do it for the icons -_-;) and...yeah. Stuff.

And can I just say that while I have been M.I.A (abducted by aliens, came back through the Narnia wardrobe last week for those who were wondering) I swear I have aged about 20 years. I mean, you know you're old when your Idol God of Douchbaggery gets married and has a kid. Forever ago, I know, but seriously doesn't that make you feel old? And i'll have to wait 20 years before Jin Jr is old enough to take up the torch! Ugh.

So what's Pi up to these days? You know, now that Jin has started the trend, I really wish Ryo and Pi would have kids. Preferably together but I'll take what I can get. Don't you think they would have the most badass daddy group thing going on? They could have prams with disco balls for mobiles, baby bottles in stubby-coolers.... The fact that this is a legitimate possibility tells me we all did get 20 years older. But just think about it >.>

Also I joined the kpop band wagon a few years back - about right after I was bitching about it. Yes, I'm fickle, but we all knew that anyway. And now I'm back in my roots of jrock. Except that they have no hilarious scandals and man I love that shit. I wish they did though. They must have, right? They must have, I feel it in my old people bones.

So I don't know if there is anyone left around here who will even see this post, but if there is, I guess the whole point of this is not to tell you that I ditched hilarious jpop gossip for kpop and dirty metal heads, but to say: Hey. What's cracking? Fill me in on the jpop shiz-niz that's been going down or leave a translation request - I'll take a few to kick things off :D
Tanaka Koki has been getting a lot of coverage these last few weeks, commending his admirable volunteer work helping out quake victims. Today though, he's coming under attack for being KY, and basically an asshole. Suprise surprise. (KY for anyone who may not know, stands for kooki yomenai, which means someone who can't read a situation).

The day in question is some time in late January, when Koki and three mates went to a club in Funky Town and, most unusually, hardly spoke to any girls there.

A regular of the club confirms he behaved totally KY that night - oh please, do elaborate!

Koki is said to have started talking to a foreign guy, but this is where things started to go a little pear-shaped.

Apparently he just suddenly burst out saying 'Clubs are a place to enjoy music' and left his seat. I wouldn't really call that KY. Stating the obvious maybe, but not really KY. So then he goes and requests some hip hop music from the DJ and starts bustin out some sweet moves on the dance floor.

The thing is though, on this particular day that club was having an R&B night. Are you for real? GOD Koki, SO KY.

And since just about everyone there had come to enjoy some R&B with all the skank ass dancing and talking one's self up that it encourages, they were disturbed and bewildered by Koki's reckless action. Dude, wtf are you doing?! You can't dry hump a girl on the dancefloor to Butterfingers, no matter how respectable in the hood those smooth flowing rhymes are.

"He's pretty annoying because he's a celebrity. The whole time Tanaka was there it was hip hop playing." - That same regular.

Koki is famous amongst his fans for loving rap, but even they were starting to tell him to save it for hip hop night. The rest of the crowd thought he was annoying as hell, and the DJ was just apprehensively playing whatever he was told to avoid any JE Diva Dramaz.

"There's a collection box at the front of the club, and he was boasting about how he put 10000 yen in there ($100ish). It was just unnecessary, annoying bragging."

He may love to talk himself up, and gossip, and play hip hop on R&B night, but I don't think he's a bad guy.

And why did they even start talking about the foreign guy? I thought this was going to turn into a story about Koki's really poor taste in racial jokes.

I read it here. Do not repost.
I'm listening to: ONE OK ROCK - Liar
05 April 2011 @ 03:54 pm
Well well well, we finally have something I can be bothered writing about.

Things have been pretty quiet here, reason being there just hasn't been anything fun going on. Sure there has been the odd article about Koki helping victims out, and Pi, Frenchy, and Ryo escaping Tokyo for wild threesomes before the world ends, and of course there are always, always articles about Kimutaku. >.>

Anyway, we can all thank Tegoshi Yuya (that little creeper) for this one, or rather the woman from a Fukuoka Cabaret Club who made a post about him and his apparent 'wild merrymaking'. I picture hobbits dancin' on a table. It's the perm-hair. And the use of the word 'merrymaking'.

Mmm hmm. The resemblence is scary, isn't it, just put some beer jugs on their heads.

In her blog, the Caba-girl wrote: "On this weekday / and idol came to the club / today is my day off, but I went in anyway / I'm so happy~"

"The idol was / NEWS's Tegoshi Yuya / I was directed over to sit beside him / on top of that afterwards I was allowed to come along while he sang some songs / It was such a great time!"

Then she started saying "There's a lot more I want to write about but / it's kind of a privacy issue so / I'm sorry to say I wont be able to. Aaah~ And it was such a fun night-pupu." Idk wtf 'pupu' means, maybe some way of trying to sound cute in Fukuoka?

The article then does it's thing and makes totally wild yet possibly spot-on accusations. "Did they have a steamy one night stand together?" *wiggles eyebrows* Maybe.

Didn't he check her phone for evidence before leaving? Didn't try to ban her from the internet or some crazy shit? That's so unlike him. *smirk*.

Then a fan wrote on twitter about seeing him with 4 peeps at the Caba-Club drinking red wine (still got a long way to go before you'll ever be considered classy) until 2am, and has he got more piercings? She couldn't get a photo and his hair was kind of short. She toooooooootally didn't even care though.

Maybe tales of his weirdness from last time have travelled far and wide and now he has to pay company to sit with him because no one else wants to deal with his retardedness. Obviously didn't pay her quite enough to keep her mouth shut completely. Add 'cheapskate' to the list of things I associate with Tegoshi.

I read it here. Do not repost.
24 March 2011 @ 08:39 pm
This article here is sayin that Pi's current foreign fling is actually Jin's ex. That's our Jin, tossin his boys a bone. A girl to bone. Get it? *knee slaps*

But seriously. Sloppy seconds. Ew.

It also says that Pi is still 'having relations' with Kitagawa Keiko and there is no knowing who Pi is 'playing' with and who is his girl for real.

Sounds to me like some crazy tin-hatter wrote this one. Whatever I just love reading this shit.

23 March 2011 @ 02:15 pm
Jin is back in America, SHOCK. I'm sure you're wondering why anyone would even bother to write about this anymore. This time around it's not so much that 'Jin has taken off to America' as it is 'Jin has taken off to America to be with Lizzy and everyone found out about it over twitter'.

Their relationship is said to be considered official by fans now - whether that statement was true before everyone found out he was back in America or after they found out and just came to accept it, who knows.

So with the whole crisis in Japan a lot of fans were freakin out about the safety of their idols, and did what fans do best: started stalking blogs, twitters, people, etc. People were tweeting about Where in the World is Akanishi Jin, and Lizzy was kind enough to put their little minds at rest by tweeting 'Jin is here, yo'.

Industry peeps are trying to cover saying he's over there prepping activities to do with his new record deal, which is totally plausible. It's also totally plausible that he's swept up in a whirlwind romance worthy of the $2 paperback bin of a bookshop. Little from column A, little from column B I'd say.

Well Jin if you're gonna do this, you had better do it right. Shock pregnancies, public cheating, Shot-gun wedding with an Elvis impersonator, your own episode on Dr Phil / Jerry Springer. Come on baby, if anyone in JE can do it, it's you.

I read it here
I'm back from the worlds most intense week ever and in serious need of bathrobe-donning laptop gossiping time. So what's (non-disaster related) news? Anything much?

Recently and in the past he's been the darkest member. It's not that something in particular happened, his personality is just getting worse and worse. Collapse )
16 March 2011 @ 07:21 am
Just a quick note to say I'm on a week long hiatus while I have friends visiting. I'll be back early next week to scoff at Kame's apparent split personality and whatever else comes up between now and then ;) Kame rumor, girls, KAME RUMOR! About bloody time. Unfortunatley it's got nothing on brawling taxi drivers or anything.
That's right ladies, step right up don't be shy, we've got photobooks in colour documenting years worth of bad taste, shameful behaviour, and regrettable decisions of all your favorite Johnny's boys! For just 980円, you can own your very own copy~!


Despite the cover being très gauche, I think it actually suits the whole idea and the themes behind this kind of dodgy publication.

Images include those of Nino sprawled out over a Hello Kitty pillow, now that definitely deserves to go into a collection of scandalous photos. Tanaka Koki cheek to cheek with a girl, Ohno Satoshi cross-eyed and frolicking with a girl, Nagase Tomoya staring at the camera while enjoying a cuddle, WITH A GIRL.


"Requiem for a Johnny's sacrifice" as I believe the book is called, contains a lot of pics that were originally owned by Aya, the AV actress who threw herself off a building last year after revealing to tabloids that she was sleeping with 4/5 Arashi members with pics as proof.

The article asks "However, did she really kill herself?".

Maybe she was pushed. Maybe she's hangin in that condo with Elvis, 2Pac, and Jin's newest notch on the bedpost, Lizzie.

Basically I think it's a book about Aya's life and the bizarre things she did, said, and had done to her before she died. There are plenty of accusing fingers pointing at The Jimusho from what I can tell. Plus the usual talk of her calling her friends asking them to kill her, going to the police, threatening people, being banned from talking to JE idols.

It's not just Arashi pics though, as mentioned there's Nagase Tomoya, Tanaka Koki, Imai Tsubasa just to name a few. I don't think they are ALL her pics, I assume there are more non-Aya related ones in there with a good old fashioned dramatic rant about the dark side of showbiz and the evil empire that is JE.

You can get yourself a copy of the book here or you can try Amazon Japan which you can use to some extent in English here

I read about it here. Do not repost.
11 March 2011 @ 11:40 pm
It's Friday night my lovelies, and you know what that means? Fun! Frivolity! Fucked up shit! FORNICATION! Also that tomorrow is Saturday - not that I'm excited about that because I am one of those miserable souls who works on the weekends. Anyway, it's time to get your hebereke neck-tie on (your head), pour yourself a glass of something and enjoy some petty girls talk about petty boys talk.

Ohno Satoshi likes Korean chicks. OOOOOoooOOOooooo! Well, more to the point, he is so lonely and shy that he'll just take whatever he can get right now, even if it is Misono. Which, by the way if you wanted an update on that, rumors are still flying but a lot of Well Informed-sans are calling bullshit because there are way too many dodgy facts.

Back to feeling sorry for Ohno, the shy, lonely, exceedingly famous and insanely desired leader of Japan's national living treasures. Yeah, no. Not really feelin' it. Besides how can you feel lonely with Nino and his grabby burger hands around? Just wax him, frock him, and paper bag his head. In fact you don't even really need to frock and bag him, he's androgynous enough. May not even need waxing...

In times like these, we all go through it Ohno don't worry - when we feel lonely and unsure of whether I we should wax, frock, and bag our bestie - there's nothing for it but a big D&M shesh while glueing on fake nails over a glass of wine with one of the girls. Or in this case, guys. Someone who is emotionally savvy. Slightly risque. All gung-ho girl power and all that shit. Or if you're a guy, whatever the male equivalent of that would be.

For Ohno, that would be this guy:

Hong-Man Choi, or 'Che Man'. Thanks Wiki.

I shit you not, that is who he's been having relationship related D&M boys talk with. THOSE HANDS ARE INHUMAN. I mean there's big hands, and I think we can all appreciate a guy with big hands and all the 'you know what they say's that go along with them, ya know what I'm gettin at? But that just alarms me.

Seriously, what kind of love advice do you think Ohno gets from a guy like that? Give 'em the old 'Fee-fi-fo-fum' mating call. Just knock them out and drag them back to your cave. Show them your enormous p............imp hand.

The two hit it off on Kaibutsu Kun movie filming because they're both born in the same year and kind of shy 'n' stuff. Since they're such good friends now, Ohno has been whispering requests into Che Man's ear (obviously using a ladder or like, a magic bean-stalk since the guy is 7 ft 2 tall) to introduce some girls. Naturally we're talking koreans here, Shoujou Jidai (are they Korean? holy shit this whole time....), Kara, etc.

Here the article says Ohno may be just using Che Man for his idol-introduction services. You'd have to be fucking stupid though, right? I mean, despite the boys talk sessions...

S'all I'm sayin.

On the other hand, TAKE THAT YAMAPI TEAM. Nino's team has Ohno, and Ohno has Che Man on his side. Pretty sure that's game over.

I read it here. Do not repost.